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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Auxiliary Systems Is An Authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) For:

International Association of Drilling Contractors
IADC Member

Underwriters Laboratories Member
UL Member

VOW Coalition Member
Virginia Offshore Wind Coalition Member

And An Authorized Sales Representative For:

AC Pro Whipp & Bourne Solid State Trip Units
Sales & Installation

ACB-1600 HR 3P, 500 VAC, 60 HZ, Circuit Breaker Solid State Trip Unit
ACB-2000 HR 3P, 500 VAC, 60 HZ, Circuit Breaker Solid State Trip Unit
ACB-3200 HR 3P, 500 VAC, 60 HZ, Circuit Breaker Solid State Trip Unit
ACB-4000 HR 3P, 500 VAC, 60 HZ, Circuit Breaker Solid State Trip Unit

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Tube Equipment & Tools for: Beading, Belling, Expanders, Extractors, Flaring, Inserts, Knock Out, Packing, Packing Removal, Plugs, Pullers, & Rolling Motors

Steam Boiler Inspection & Repair

Auxiliary Systems has a certified team of qualified personnel to assist you with your Commercial Steam Boiler and Marine Steam Boiler. As an marine depot overhaul corporation for ship repair we can help you in all phases of your marine Steam Boiler Inspection and Repair.

Marine Boiler Ship Repair

  • Boiler Tube Renewal
  • Boiler Refractory Renewal & Repair
  • Boiler Casing replacement & Repair
  • Boiler Fireside & Waterside Cleaning
  • Boiler Hydrostatic Testing
  • Boiler Burner Overhaul & Adjustment
  • Boiler Control Upgrades
  • Boiler Welding by Certified Welders
  • Boiler Deaerator / Feed Water System Repair
Marine Boiler Ship Repair Chemical Cleaning
  • Feed / Steam / Water Piping
  • Condensers / Heat Exchangers
  • Marine Steam Boilers
  • Commercial Steam Boilers
Process Piping & Fitting
  • Repair / Fabrication Steam Piping
  • Repair / Fabrication Water Piping

Auxiliary Systems has designed flash, animated, steam boiler demonstrations to be used in understanding the operational system of a steam boiler plant in a marine environment. Auxiliary Systems is committed to our customers in the US Navy and other marine related industries to provide customer support and training. You will find web demonstrations for steam boilers under the menu bar at the top of this page under the Tools/Training menu item.

Under the Contact Us web page you will find telephone numbers for Auxiliary Systems corporate managers and our Technical Representatives, located in Norfolk, Virginia. Call Auxiliary Systems today at 1 800 613-5675 to get a dedicated team manager to assist you with your Commercial Boiler and Marine Steam Boiler issues now!

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