paint booth interior



Auxiliary Systems Incorporated is composed of a Blast & Coating facility that is fully environmentally controlled. 
Blasting equipment is comprised of Sponge-Jet that is fast, clean, and safe for all surfaces. Providing a potential dustless experience that offers a lower cost than your traditional blast.  

A State-of-the-Art Semi-Down Draft Paint Booth featured by Rohner Systems.  The booth features a complete pressurized system accompanied by an Air Make-up Unit with a built-in temperature control system that can achieve temperatures up to 140 degrees to cut dry times by half.  Booth dimensions are 18 X 18 x 30 to accommodate the smallest to largest of jobs possible.  

Auxiliary Systems is a member of SSPC & AMPP, we also employ NACE Certified Inspectors for all your inspection needs. 

Rohner Paint booth open


Production Services

  • Cleanliness performed prior to start
  • Adhere to all PA and SP requirements
  • Hand & Power Tooling Cleaning
  • Abrasive Blasting Operations (Shop)
  • Brush and Roller Painting
  • Plural Pump Operations

Quality Assurance Services

  • Craftworker Training
  • Cleanliness Inspections prior to Surface Prep
  • Surface Profile Checks (Method B & C)
  • Wet Thickness Inspections
  • Dry Thickness Inspections
  • Soluble Salts Inspections
  • Temperature checks before, during, and after during coating process
  • Onsite guidance to Productions Team
  • Shipyard Check Points
  • Review of T & I inspection plan
  • 009-32 Standard items
  • Chapter 631 & 634 Naval painting guidance
  • SSPC PA requirements



  • Blast Cabinet
  • Blast Room (Sponge-Jet)
  • Powder Coat operations
  • Powder Coat Oven
  • Climate controlled Paint Booth
  • Climate controlled Storage Facility
  • Assorted Power Tools
  • Compound Plural Pumps


  • SSPC Patron Member
  • NACE 2 Certified
  • SSPC C-2 Qualification
  • SSPC QCS Qualifications
  • Coast Guard –SLFC STD SPECS
  • 009-32 Standard Items
  • SSPC Painting Manual
  • SSPC Good Painting Practices
paint booth doors from inside

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