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​Auxiliary System's customers benefit from a world-class electrical commercial industrial and marine ship repair facility. Auxiliary System's trained technicians can travel anywhere in the world to resolve electrical issues with circuit breakers, controllers, control panels, electric brakes, generators, motors, motor generators, switchboards, and transformers.

Our facilities and employees are capable of fabricating new electrical panels or customizing existing electrical panels to desired plans

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  • Provide world-class electrical repair for commercial and U.S. Government industrial and marine ship repair 
  • Ship’s power distribution system repair and alteration 
  • Mechanically and electrically disconnect, reconnect, and operationally testing shipboard equipment 
  • Control panel manufacture and repair 
  • Thermographic surveys 
  • Electronic repair 
  • Circuit breaker repair and testing
  • Troubleshoot motor and generator controls
  • Generator load testing 
  • In-place commutator/collector ring repair 
  • In-place Generator/switchboard cleaning 
  • NAVSEA Certified for Multi-pin connector repair/installation IAW NAVSEA Standard Item 009-73 
  • Rewind shop services include: 
    • AC/DC motor and generator recondition 
    • AC/DC motor and generator rewind
    • Transformer rewind 
    • Iron core lamination testing/repair 
    • Dip tank and/or VPI System insulation 
    • NAVSEA Certified to rewind AC induction and Synchronous motor random wound stators IAW NAVSEA Standard Item 009-113 
    • Manufacture solenoid coils  


  • 9,000 lb. capacity dynamic rotor balancer 
  • 900HP dynamic load tester 
  • 400HZ and 28VDC Helo start system certification equipment
  • Resistive and reactive load banks  
  • Circuit breaker test/inspection equipment including a DLRO (Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter) 
  • DC and AC power test panels for shop testing motors 
  • Six-foot square Varnish Dip tank and 48” diameter capable HeatTEK VPI system 
  • Phenix iron core lamination tester 
  • Baker surge and DC high potential test instruments 
  • Baker AC Hi-pot testers
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • In-place dynamic balancing equipment
  • Bearing heaters 
  • Shaft laser alignment equipment
  • Burnout and bake out ovens
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We excel at the repair of any rotating machinery. Our staff is comprised of electricians and mechanics, mostly retired Navy personnel with over twenty years of experience, and are proficient with the repair of marine and commercial distribution system components.

ASI is a proud member of EASA (Electrical Apparatus Services Association, Inc.)


  • AC/DC Motor and Generator recondition
  • AC/DC Motor and Generator rewind
  • 48-Inch diameter VPI System
  • Motor Controller repair
  • Transformer / Coil recondition and rewind
  • Overhaul Brake assemblies
  • UL certified for explosion-proof Three Phase Motors
  • Pump overhaul and repairs
  • Dynamic Balancing up to 6,000 lbs.
  • Machine Shop services to include:
  • Fabrication of new shafts
  • Repair and straightening shafts
  • Build bearing Shaft and Housing fits


  • Truing collector rings and commutators
  • Switchboard cleaning
  • Electric Motor and Generator cleaning
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Generator load testing
  • Motor alignment
  • Bearing and Seal replacement
  • Electrical Systems repair and troubleshooting


In-Shop Services

  • Electrical AC / DC Motor Cleaning, Laminating, Rewinding, Repair, and Testing.

Electrical AC Single & Three Phase Testing

  • Adherence To ABR, ANSI, ASME, DoD Standard Items, IEEE, ISO, & NEMA Guidelines & Standards
  • Circuit Breaker Test & Repair

Air, Insulated, Molded, Vacuum Interrupting, Circuit Breakers

  • Circuit Breaker Infrared Thermo-Imaging

Circuit Over Current Trip Calibration

Circuit Solid State Retrofitting

Electrical Controller Troubleshoot, Refurbishment, and Test

  • Electrical Services Comply With Commercial & Military (DoD) Specifications

Electrical Transformer / Coil Rewind / Repair

  • Electrical Maintenance & Repair of Electric Motors & Shafts

Electrical Generator Repair, Trouble Shooting, & Upgrades

Electrical Multi-Voltage AC DC Test Center
Qualified Electrical Technicians

  • UL Member & Certified for Explosion Proof Generators & Motors

Remote Capabilities & Services 
AC Pro Whipp & Bourne Solid State Trip Electrical Breaker Unit Upgrades

  • Adherence To ABR, ANSI, ASME, DoD Standard Items, IEEE, ISO, & NEMA Guidelines & Standards
  • Electrical Load Testing (60Hz, 400 Hz, & DC)
  • Mobile Shop Capabilities, work done in Dubai, Japan, West Coast US
  • Electrical Switchboard Control Panel Cleaning & Repair
  • Electrical Switchboard Control Panel Retrofitting & Upgrades
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Generator / Motor Clean & Refurbishment, repair, troubleshooting, and upgrade
  • Electrical Rotor / Shaft Balancing
  • Thermographic Inspection (Infrared Thermo-Imaging)
  • Services Comply with Commercial, Industrial, & Military (DoD) Specifications

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