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Auxiliary Systems Incorporated is composed of a Pump shop capable of removal disassembly, measuring (open and inspect and report). Assembly of nearly all pumps manufactured today. Capable of machining and fitting to tolerance all wear rings and wear parts required for overhaul. Capable hydrostatically testing each pump and test running on pump stand to check durability and factory specifications as requested. Have a fully capable machine shop on site for machining of critical parts.

Pump skid


  • Overhaul the following manufactured pumps:
    • Carver
    • Davidson
    • Curtis Wright
    • Crane
    • Eddy
    • Blackmer PD
    • Blackmer System one
    • Navy Titanium Fire pumps 1000 GPM
    • Aqua-Chem
    • Aurora
    • Worthington
    • Gould
    • Ardox
    • FMC (R.O. pumps)
    • Numerous others
  • Test water pumps with up to 12” pipe size and 1000 GPM 
  • Test oil pumps with up to 6” pipe size 


  • Three testing stations 
    • 1” to 6” with vacuum capability 
    • Fuel pump testing station 
    • Fire pump test stand with 10,000-gallon tank capable of mating up to size 12” flanges 
  • Hydrostatic test stand to verify pump and valve integrity 
  • Line flow meters for measuring flow rates in up to 6” pipes during pump testing 
  • Handheld electronic flow meter for measuring flow rates in pipe sizes up to 16” 
  • Pump stand for up to 4” pumps
  • Pump stand from 4” up to 8”
  • Fire pump stand 18” inlet and 10” discharge
  • Outside Micrometers 1” to 12”
  • Inside Micrometers up to 12” 
  • Numerous hand tools
  • Pullers
  • Numerous hoses and connections for testing
  • Hydrostatic test pump (hand-operated and pneumatic pump)

Call Auxiliary Systems today at 1-800-613-5675 to get in touch with our Team Manager!
902 Cooke Ave, Bay 4, Norfolk, VA