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Auxiliary Systems, Inc. utilizes two state-of-the-art processes for CNC cutting of raw material, waterjet, and plasma.  In today’s modern manufacturing facilities, there is more than one way to tackle a particular job.  This is especially true when it comes to cutting raw materials.  Waterjet and plasma cutters are two of the most popular methods that you’ll find in shops throughout the world. 

Water-jet cutting table


While both machines are known for their ability to cut through certain materials quickly and easily, there is quite a bit that separates them in their capabilities. The waterjet cutting process relies on the mixture of water and abrasive to break down material along a given path. The abrasive, normally Garnet, is fed through a line into a mixing tube where it meets the water source and is sprayed out with enormous pressure of 50,000 PSI or more. This fine cutting stream moves along a predetermined path controlled by the CNC software. The speed will vary depending on the material type and thickness. As for plasma cutters instead of water and abrasive, they utilize gas and electricity. The gas is forced through a constricted opening at high pressure, at which point it contacts an electric arc that is sent through the nozzle. The process causes a reaction, and the gas (nitrogen, argon, oxygen, etc.) is heated such that it enters the fourth state of matter, plasma. This plasma can then melt through metal at such a high speed that it creates a very clean cut. Different gases are selected based on material type and thickness. The plasma cutter can produce smooth cuts in many steels, with an accuracy of +/- .01” - .030”. The waterjet is even more accurate with higher quality cuts across an even broader range of material and thicknesses, with tolerances of +/- .005”.  With additional accessories, the taper can be even more minimized for further increased accuracy.  This often eliminates the need for secondary machining. Please refer to the comparison chart for more capability information.



CNC waterjet cutting machine - MAXIEM 2040 JetMachining Center

Maxiem 2040 water-jet cutting machine PDF

Plasma cutting machine - TORCHMATE 5100 CNC Plasma Table

Torchmate plasma cutting table PDF

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