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Auxiliary Systems, Inc. offers technical repair and cleaning solutions for all types of heat exchangers, and condensers including Shell and Tube, and Plate and Frame designs. We specialize in Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger inspections, leak detection, tube cleaning, tube removal, and tube replacement. For Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers, we offer full-service reconditioning and repair capabilities. We are an Authorized Service Center for Tranter plate packs.

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  • ASME certified to design, fabricate (“R” Stamp), repair (“U” Stamp), install, and troubleshoot U. S. Government and commercial heat exchangers and pressure vessels 
  • Design and fabricate straight-tube, U-tube, fixed/floating headshell, and tube heat exchangers 
  • Troubleshoot, repair, and hydrostatically test all types of heat exchangers 
  • Replace, roll, plug, and sleeve heat exchanger tubes (Shell & Tube HEX)
  • Remove gaskets, chemically clean plates, and check plates for cracks under a special process (Plate & Frame HEX) 
  • Recondition or replace plates, re-gasket (Plate & Frame HEX)
  • Mechanically and/or chemically clean all types of heat exchangers 
  • Mobile chemical cleaning and high-pressure water jetting of boilers, main condensers, coolers, and other marine equipment


  • Various tube extracting, expanding, and rolling equipment
  • Two 1500 gal covered stainless steel Acid bath tanks. 
    • 5’ x 10’ X 5’ deep 
  • Two 1500 Gal covered stainless steel caustic bath tanks.
    • 5’ x 10’ x 5’ deep 
  • One blacklight dye penetrant inspection booth
  • Mobile 10,000 psi water jet unit 
  • Mobile cold flush PVC unit Mobile hot flush carbon steel unit
  • Mobile hot flush stainless steel unit Mobile hot flush oil unit 
  • Mobile high purity air flush unit  
  • Mobile trailer safety berms 
  • Hose, fitting, and related pumps and valves 
  • Waste storage tanks
  • Two overhead rail lifts, 1 ton each 

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