Navy ships in port



Auxiliary Systems has been providing high-quality feedwater to US Navy Ships for over 30 years.   The US Navy provides land-based feed water treatment for their boiler and ship systems since it’s more cost-effective and efficient to demineralize municipal water than it is to treat seawater with an on-board system while in port.  This is critical for keeping the ship ready for duty. 

feedwater trailer


  • Provide pier-side deliveries of conventional or nuclear grade feedwater for the greater Hampton Roads area. 
  • Local regeneration service for the resin to ensure quick turnaround of the units
  • No cost delivery and pick-up of mobile (DI) units by ASI drivers.


  • Demineralization (DI) Units 
    • Two 100,000 Gal capable units 
    • Two 50,000 Gal capable units 
    • Four 30,000 Gal capable units 

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