Rigging equipment



Auxiliary Systems offers turnkey solutions with capabilities in rigging, equipment removals, installation, transport, and storage. Our vast experience and expertise provide our customers with the safest and most efficient solutions. Our rigging teams are efficient but effective which allows for quicker response times.  We conduct thorough job assessments thus reducing downtime, minimizing costs, and increasing safety.

rigging equipment


  • The rigging shop has an outstanding safety record. They routinely move equipment weighing up to 5 tons from the shipboard mounting foundations to and from the repair facilities. 
  • Design and test special rigging fixtures as required 
  • Conduct periodic weight test and visual inspections IAW ASME requirements for all ASI owned weight handling equipment


  • 20 Ton 94” boom Terex mobile crane 
  • Up to 5 Ton Chain falls and all the necessary under the hook lifting devices 

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